Voice Coil Motor VCM Used for Camera Lens Focus

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    High power to mass ratio,volume ratio,acceleration!


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    Key Features


    Voice Coil Motors (VCM), also called Voice Coil Actuators (VCA), are a very mature design that utilizes a magnet and yoke in conjunction with a coil.  The coil and magnet are concentric about a common axis and there exists an engineered magnetic return path.

    Voice coil motors are applications of the principle of coils, which generate force when placed in a magnetic field and subjected to an electric current. Unlike ordinary motors, voice coil motors are based on rectilinear motion. Because the coil is the only moving component, they allow for both high-speed motion and accurate positioning.

    It's typically used as the camera's focus function. The mobile phone camera has widely used VCM to achieve the function to focus the lens automatically. VCM can adjust the position of the lens to present a much clearer image.

    Key Benefits of a VCM – Voice Coil Actuator:
    • No commutation required
    • Low to no hysteresis
    • Zero cogging
    • Fewer mechanical components compared to “screw-type” actuators
    • Linear control characteristics
    • High power to mass ratio
    • High power to volume ratio
    • Infinite position (Limited only by the encoder device.)
    • High acceleration
    • Where precision linear movement is required
    • Where precision force is required
    • Where oscillatory motion is required
    • Where Dynamic Movement is required
    Example Applications:
    • Shakers – Vibrators
    • Lens focusing
    • Servo valves
    • Positioning Stages
    • Speakers

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