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mold making,plastic injection,plastic injection molding,metal injection molding,plastic mold,plastic manufacturers. Medical Parts like ensuring safety with surety during injection, or products for pathological analysis 、Syringe related.

USB Charger

1.Excellent Expanded Function: Support all kind of smart phone, driving recorder, GPS    and iPad etc. 2.Voltage Protection Function: Automatically detect the battery voltage, display different    lights according to different voltage, and always ensure there is enough power left to start    

Motocycle AFR(Air Fuel Ratio) adjust

1. Motorcycle AFR(Air Fuel Ratio) adjust: The first closed loop design product on the market, receive oxygen sensor signal feedback, then after processing to provide the correct ECU fuel supply setting. 2. Directly and Effectively enhance the engine combustion efficiency, enhance vehicle performanc

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Endeavor Plastics Corp have more than 30 years experience mold making & molding team in Taiwan.
Thanks to customers’ patronage, all members of us always do our best with appreciation, endeavor, and sustainable operation. In the future, we will always sincerely and certainly give perfect service to our customers.
Produce precision molds and high standard products in the clean, tidy, orderliness, and high quality environment.

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